roots running deeper.

i always had a thing for my roots, be it the culture, the language, the music, the art, the people and the food. i’ve always been proud of my roots.

the language captivated me at a tender age,during the times when my grandpa was still alive. he instilled in me the beauty of the language, how gentle and unique tamil can be,and at the same how it has the ability to comprehend something and anything at all with so much details even if it’s just a word. the language gives a deeper meaning to words that are merely meant to be words at times.


the music. the art. you got to Β just listen to them and look at them to understand how i feel about it. you know when people sometimes say french people are just so romantic, try listening to tamil songs and it’s lyrics or even read tamil poems, you’d know our indian roots are romantic beyond words.Β (one of my favourites)

the culture. aaah, i was raised up with a mixture of tamil and a little western culture at times. it isnt just the traditional clothes and food but the mindset when you’re in the midst of the elders,or with strangers or foes who comes to the house uninvited and yet still find a way to the couch with a cup of water in hand, because we are to never send away people who ever comes finding for us at home. family values. and the list goes on.

so yeah.

in the spirit of celebrating tamil new year i have decided to take on the challenge of reading and writing tamil again!Β 

iniya tamil puthandu nalvazhtukal en iniya tamil makkale! πŸ™‚


adrenaline rush.

if you just watched the game that i just did. you’d still be so hyped up you cant do anything else other than scrolling those LFC pages to look at pictures.

and if you didnt,what a miss!

i think we just might. no scratch that. i think we ARE winning the title this season.

a good week it shall be! πŸ˜€



well i’m definitely NOT anything from that word above. you can see the last time i had something here dated almost 3 months ago.

it’s not about not having the substance to put in here,i guess there have been SO MUCH going on that i couldnt put everything in words and pictures. i just had to swallow it all in and take time off to just digest and process everything that has been happening.

latest updates would be :

successfully moved on to another semester of head-banging classes with a little hiccup in the way but nothing a little more effort and sacrifice cant solve.

had a wonderful time back home with the family and the man who makes my heart skip a beat every single time i see him.

a flight that was suppose to land is still missing.

I HAVE A DOG now. he has a name. his name is Charlie πŸ™‚

started on the #100happydays a happy photo a day thing on instagram and facebook. which you guys can always find me (username:cammycamela)<got to approve you first though>

growing up.

been working out as much as i can. although i think i cant seem to find a way to make food less appealing to me.

oh oh! i have been promoted to another level of awesomeness..i am now an aunt! he’s 4 days old today.

did i mention i have an instax camera? and i take so many pictures even though the film costs a bomb!

i think i lost a friend a few days ago. my intentions were good but i think my approach method backfired.Β 

kindnessmission report : twice! flowerkindness and tellthemtheymakeyouhappykindness

which reminds me that i had a lovely de-stress-ing amazing time with the Johns’ family up in Camerons <it’s a hillstation>

i have a good bunch of friends in class whom im always with. <it’s rare.. I KNOW!>

my hair has grown longer over the months.

i think ive also gone a little lazier than before <working on it,and THIS post right here is a start>

my sister just got her SPM results = which means she’s joining college soon πŸ™‚Β 


i havent got IT since i came back to college :S

well i think that pretty much sums up all that i’ve skipped and procrastinated and tried really hard not to update here. so yay! pictures might be up soon,IF i can get over my recent re-occuring habit of forgetting everything i’m suppose to do.

so yay! have a good week people πŸ™‚



too much going on? need something to take your mind of things? need a good movie perhaps?

if you dont mind, beautiful soundtracks and slow whispering and slow moving movies, you most definitely have to watch these movies πŸ™‚

1. My last day without you.

2. Waiting for forever

3. About Time

will update the list as time goes…


where have i been?

it has been ages since i last posted something here. where have i been? trust me, i wasnt lazing around,i had so much on my plate i barely had time to just sit and ponder and start hitting the keyboard.

so yeah the old has gone and the new has begun. Im looking at all those resolutions and the yada yada yadas on fb,tumblr,pinterest,instagram and whatever social networking thing they have got going on. this year im not doing any of that. no resolutions. no yada yada. just me trying to write the dates right.

a quick update of what has been happening.

november : graduation, was something very intimate with the family and the close friends. the scroll was the least i could remember, it was more of the prep-ing, meeting the family, and friends and taking so many pictures was what i could remember the most. wasnt really achievement probably cos im still pursuing to be strive towards my goal but more of a milestone, a reminder that im getting closer to what i want to be in the society.

december : flew back home to be with the family. and i had a whole month of tired written all over it when i think back of december. first degree placement, a small hospital, great patients and i was more than happy to witness so much healing progress there. all this muscle aches i still carry is worth everything ive worked for that whole month. was a bummer though i only had the christmas day well spent with the family, the day before and after was a work day. christmas was good this year, had my pregnant cousin sis and my super cool and awesome brother in law home. faezah came over as well,and cousins had sleepovers and bbq went on as every other year. ended the year at 10.30pm, slept through the whole exchange of calendar moment, my eyes were too fatique to try to stay open and i had to work on new years.


2014 10 days of january and im still feeling exhausted from the previous year.

im back in campus. exams are inches away. every cell in my body feels just as lazy as a hippo. i keep myself up with water and good movies (when im not studying) πŸ™‚

so for those of you with resolutions! have a productive 2014! and for the rest of you, happy 2014! πŸ™‚

incredibly inspiring

i got all teary watching that video.

i started thinking about it and something came up in my mind. i don’t know about anyone else but after watching it, i somehow felt guilty of being shallow. I’ve been crossing paths with so many people, meeting people and knowing them,for many many years now sometimes even engaging in light conversations, but i have never thought what was running in their minds? what are they feeling? what do they see?how do they see things? were all bad. i wondered most of the time, out of curiosity. but it was usually good thoughts.

it has its good and the bad. i cant imagine knowing a person feeling depressed and yet i cant do anything to change how she/he feels. that would be terrible. cruel if i cant help.

it would be easier though if i could see through a few people i know. would be so much easier to get them presents or know why they’re mad or happy or sad. just saying.

got to get back to studying. bleh.

#KindnessModeActivated πŸ™‚

you just need to be told even when you already know..

i guess the title says it all. Β πŸ™‚ so why bother with the long essay? πŸ™‚

you know you’re special, you’re beautiful, you’re awesome, you’re different, you’re important, you’re loved and yet it’s just comforting to hear it from the people you love or you’re around with.

why? *looks around* you don’t know huh? well, i have no idea either. but this i can tell you,i like or rather i love being told how much I’m loved and that I’m special and a princess, all the time. even when I’m well aware of it.

its human nature.Β 

it wouldn’t hurt to make somebody feel wanted and appreciated. so say it. and mean it. compliment. be generous and you’ll feel the difference. complimenting and then watching the after effect of your action would give you a satisfaction, the equal amount of satisfaction when you bite into a bacon burger or licking an ice cream on a hot sunny day πŸ™‚

if you’re reading this, let me tell you this..

you’re so loved.

you’re important.

you’re a wonderful soul.

you are one of a kind.

you are the missing piece to a puzzle out there. so so important.

you’re BEAUTIFUL πŸ™‚

and hey… thanks for your time!Β 


i always wonder when would it be enough. enough love. enough financially. enough materially. enough.

that word. ENOUGH.

and then i stumbled through this..

“When we said ‘I wish you enough,’ we were wanting the other person to have a life filled with enough good things to sustain them,” he continued and then turning toward me he shared the following as if he were reciting it from memory.

“I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright. I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more. I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive. I wish you enough pain so that the smallest joys in life appear much bigger. I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting. I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess. I wish enough “Hello’s” to get you through the final “Good-bye.”

why need more when enough is more than we could hope for? Β 

contemplating mode.