a little kindness….

thought i’d post it at the end of the month.and here it is.well,i suddenly had the urge to go get these chocolates during my break the other day.i wasnt even craving for them.but actually i got them for two strangers and a friend.i got a red colored paper.cut it out.wrote a few nice things that im sure would make a person’s day.as you can see in the picture.it felt really good just to spend time on this,knowing that im going to make someone happy.and its not for just one person,but three.

i passed the first chocolate to a friend.it was an awesome feeling to see the smile.then i was hoping to meet the perfect stranger.but it was a little awkward,i mean i have no problem going up to a stranger and just hand them a bar of chocolate but yeah.so i left it at two different places and walked away.i dont know what happen to them but i hope i made their day with a little kindness.chocolate kindness!

it was a good feeling.now im up to making jar lanterns.its a simple yet a pretty way to light up the room and chase the darkness away.got this idea from an inspiration.well,those who have been following would know patience by now.go check her page out!she’s amazing!


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