incredibly inspiring

i got all teary watching that video.

i started thinking about it and something came up in my mind. i don’t know about anyone else but after watching it, i somehow felt guilty of being shallow. I’ve been crossing paths with so many people, meeting people and knowing them,for many many years now sometimes even engaging in light conversations, but i have never thought what was running in their minds? what are they feeling? what do they see?how do they see things? were all bad. i wondered most of the time, out of curiosity. but it was usually good thoughts.

it has its good and the bad. i cant imagine knowing a person feeling depressed and yet i cant do anything to change how she/he feels. that would be terrible. cruel if i cant help.

it would be easier though if i could see through a few people i know. would be so much easier to get them presents or know why they’re mad or happy or sad. just saying.

got to get back to studying. bleh.

#KindnessModeActivated 🙂


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