where have i been?

it has been ages since i last posted something here. where have i been? trust me, i wasnt lazing around,i had so much on my plate i barely had time to just sit and ponder and start hitting the keyboard.

so yeah the old has gone and the new has begun. Im looking at all those resolutions and the yada yada yadas on fb,tumblr,pinterest,instagram and whatever social networking thing they have got going on. this year im not doing any of that. no resolutions. no yada yada. just me trying to write the dates right.

a quick update of what has been happening.

november : graduation, was something very intimate with the family and the close friends. the scroll was the least i could remember, it was more of the prep-ing, meeting the family, and friends and taking so many pictures was what i could remember the most. wasnt really achievement probably cos im still pursuing to be strive towards my goal but more of a milestone, a reminder that im getting closer to what i want to be in the society.

december : flew back home to be with the family. and i had a whole month of tired written all over it when i think back of december. first degree placement, a small hospital, great patients and i was more than happy to witness so much healing progress there. all this muscle aches i still carry is worth everything ive worked for that whole month. was a bummer though i only had the christmas day well spent with the family, the day before and after was a work day. christmas was good this year, had my pregnant cousin sis and my super cool and awesome brother in law home. faezah came over as well,and cousins had sleepovers and bbq went on as every other year. ended the year at 10.30pm, slept through the whole exchange of calendar moment, my eyes were too fatique to try to stay open and i had to work on new years.


2014 10 days of january and im still feeling exhausted from the previous year.

im back in campus. exams are inches away. every cell in my body feels just as lazy as a hippo. i keep myself up with water and good movies (when im not studying) 🙂

so for those of you with resolutions! have a productive 2014! and for the rest of you, happy 2014! 🙂


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