well i’m definitely NOT anything from that word above. you can see the last time i had something here dated almost 3 months ago.

it’s not about not having the substance to put in here,i guess there have been SO MUCH going on that i couldnt put everything in words and pictures. i just had to swallow it all in and take time off to just digest and process everything that has been happening.

latest updates would be :

successfully moved on to another semester of head-banging classes with a little hiccup in the way but nothing a little more effort and sacrifice cant solve.

had a wonderful time back home with the family and the man who makes my heart skip a beat every single time i see him.

a flight that was suppose to land is still missing.

I HAVE A DOG now. he has a name. his name is Charlie šŸ™‚

started on the #100happydays a happy photo a day thing on instagram and facebook. which you guys can always find me (username:cammycamela)<got to approve you first though>

growing up.

been working out as much as i can. although i think i cant seem to find a way to make food less appealing to me.

oh oh! i have been promoted to another level of awesomeness..i am now an aunt! he’s 4 days old today.

did i mention i have an instax camera? and i take so many pictures even though the film costs a bomb!

i think i lost a friend a few days ago. my intentions were good but i think my approach method backfired.Ā 

kindnessmission report : twice! flowerkindness and tellthemtheymakeyouhappykindness

which reminds me that i had a lovely de-stress-ing amazing time with the Johns’ family up in Camerons <it’s a hillstation>

i have a good bunch of friends in class whom im always with. <it’s rare.. I KNOW!>

my hair has grown longer over the months.

i think ive also gone a little lazier than before <working on it,and THIS post right here is a start>

my sister just got her SPM results = which means she’s joining college soon šŸ™‚Ā 


i havent got IT since i came back to college :S

well i think that pretty much sums up all that i’ve skipped and procrastinated and tried really hard not to update here. so yay! pictures might be up soon,IF i can get over my recent re-occuring habit of forgetting everything i’m suppose to do.

so yay! have a good week people šŸ™‚


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