roots running deeper.

i always had a thing for my roots, be it the culture, the language, the music, the art, the people and the food. i’ve always been proud of my roots.

the language captivated me at a tender age,during the times when my grandpa was still alive. he instilled in me the beauty of the language, how gentle and unique tamil can be,and at the same how it has the ability to comprehend something and anything at all with so much details even if it’s just a word. the language gives a deeper meaning to words that are merely meant to be words at times.


the music. the art. you got to  just listen to them and look at them to understand how i feel about it. you know when people sometimes say french people are just so romantic, try listening to tamil songs and it’s lyrics or even read tamil poems, you’d know our indian roots are romantic beyond words. (one of my favourites)

the culture. aaah, i was raised up with a mixture of tamil and a little western culture at times. it isnt just the traditional clothes and food but the mindset when you’re in the midst of the elders,or with strangers or foes who comes to the house uninvited and yet still find a way to the couch with a cup of water in hand, because we are to never send away people who ever comes finding for us at home. family values. and the list goes on.

so yeah.

in the spirit of celebrating tamil new year i have decided to take on the challenge of reading and writing tamil again! 

iniya tamil puthandu nalvazhtukal en iniya tamil makkale! 🙂



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