incredibly inspiring

i got all teary watching that video. i started thinking about it and something came up in my mind. i don’t know about anyone else but after watching it, i somehow felt guilty of being shallow. I’ve been crossing paths with so many people, meeting people and knowing them,for many many years now sometimes even […]

breathe, think and live….

sometimes your intentions are good. sometimes all you do is care. you’re concern. but what if the other party takes it in a different way? its difficult. especially when you get words thrown on your face, it cuts through that fragile of yours. kindness can be challenging at times. though what you felt and said […]

mistakes happen..

earlier just now,i had 6 spam comments. while reading them,deciding which to trash out. i got a call from flyfm for the 4 free movie passes. and i accidentally deleted all my comments eventhough there was two that i should have approved. simply strangers but kind in words and another enquiring on musical notes. well.if […]

recently, patience and her friend,jen came up with an I Trust Women project.these people are really far away from me, but i feel what they are doing is truly amazing. i trust women. my mommy is the first woman i ever trusted and i still do. she has sacrificed her job, her dreams and even her […]