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properly confused.

you know them as animal lovers. they go aawwww and i waannt when they see puppies and kittycats and even little tortoises or fishes/lobsters. one  fine day, a rat or probably a couple of them tried entering the premises of the human. they set baits up,they scream. caught a rat, and then the debate starts between the people in the household, one says we got to kill it, and the other says why dont we detach it from the trap,wash it and let it go in the forest.

dont ask me the ending of the story, cos here i am, blasting lincoln brewster’s everyday i go really REALLY loud so that i dont hear them discussing the death of a poor animal 😦 ( confused on how someone can decide to kill the furry little thing)

im sad if it dies.

because it is its nature to creep along the corridors and find food among the humans.

(i know it’s dirty) it was heart wrenching to watch it stuck and suffer at the sticky gluey trap.

well i think it’s dead.

byebye mousey/ratty! 😦

a new phase of life

oh dont mind me with the rants,they are rambles for a reason. haha. everything is fine. not perfect but good enough. im happy of the little things that happens around me.

tadaa! i have graduated with a diploma in physiotherapy and next tuesday would be my first class pursuing my degree in the same field.

so yay to that!

me and him, we’re growing. haha. growing old together. we have our ups and downs and i wouldnt trade it for anything else in this world. looking forward for more adventures to come 🙂

im running out of books to read.( am i allowed to even say that? haha) but seriously i am.

if you’re a reader, take a risk on my advise and flip the pages of ciara geraghty’s lifesaving for beginners, it is good! teaches you that in life, nothing is ever to late. mistakes are meant to be made but we must find a way to fix them.

and take a chance on love,rosie or the same book with a different title, where rainbows end. it’s another story about how life would go on if we are too afraid to take chances and reach out to the ones we love. sometimes, the most essential thing or person in your life might be right there in front of you but we either choose to ignore them or take it for granted ever so easily because it is still just a grasp away. so yeah,read them! it’s terifficly good! (is that even a word?)

and if you need a good watch, like i said earlier. take a leap of faith and try this movie musical and be enlighten how dialogues are turn into songs that are more beautiful than ever. watch Les Miserables (you can pronounce it however you want) 🙂